Don’t Tell Me What You Heard… Tell Me What You Know!

We heard an interesting rumor the other day about another organization, We had no idea if it was true or not but what we knew for certain was that neither us or the people relating it to us had experienced or seen anything like what was being said about that organization and I explained that unfortunately we had fallen victim to that very same tactic by a handful of people that took extremely proactive steps to take something they stole and defend their theft through lies and rumors, for all the good an organization can do or does do and the peoples lives it touches to simply ruin all of that on childish rumors or hurt feelings speaks to the person relating or instigating the rumor and what does that say about them? To act on a rumor that destroys another person or organization is to share ignorance so we ask that if you have the need to share a hurtful, harmful story then at the very least Tell me what YOU know, not what YOU heard. In our case it hurt a number of needy people that depended on us and set back a much-needed organization in the Kansas City area.


As has been our intent and practice for the past four years, no member, no Board member, no staff is paid for what they do, this Organization functions strictly off of your donations and volunteer work, we are held to a higher standard than most so if we tell you that a particular member of our Organization, Board member or Business is American Indian owned or a Minority Business Owned company then we have seen and verified the proof as well as for the American Indian owned business, we have verified through the “relevant tribal community” they are claiming and keep a copy of that members tribal community recognition card on file as well as that persons BIA card if they claim citizenship of a Federally recognized tribe and you are welcome to see it at any reasonable time upon request.

It has been an extremely difficult four years to establish an Organization in Kansas City for the betterment of the American Indian Community and we expect it will be just as difficult in the future as well but as most of you know, we’re not going anywhere.