To those people that time after time who are always willing to step up and help without any instant gratification, I say to them: sometimes change is not immediately recognized, neither is volunteerism, but it is “everything” and you deserve to be here when change happens.

Local government, city hall, the Mayor, the City Council, and some of the largest companies in this country, not just State, county or city but the country (members of the “billionaire” club) with corporate offices right here in Kansas City have tilted the playing field against it’s citizens, we have a city that works for company’s and people that can afford to hire attorney’s and lobbyists, rules are written in their favor and its always at the expense of the people and even though our elected officials are fundamentally wrong they refuse to answer simple questions.

It is critical to focus on upcoming elections; there are so many issues on the table and we have to have elected officials that are going to implement programs and address the issues that are faced by the overall population in Kansas City not just special interest, our elected officials have lost sight of the fact that it takes less energy to do what’s best for their constituents.

When you have elected officials breaking laws, acting with no moral compass, seeking employment in large corporations they are obviously not qualified for and have started working there even before they have left office, some traveling overseas to implement a program with foreign companies in countries like China that have historically never worked in the long term by any other City or state that have utilized it, then you have a real problem.

To facilitate change in our lives, there are three stages we need to understand and embrace.

The first stage of change is contemplation. Thinking about change is starting the ball rolling. This is a very important stage: Until we are aware that we need or want to change something, we are not going to change anything.

The second stage of change is decision. Once you’ve thought about making a change, you’ll then either decide to effect a change or not. But remember, if you choose to change or not, you are still making a decision, and you are responsible for that decision. Never blame anyone else for you making or not making a change in your life.

The third and most challenging part is action. Once you’ve thought about change and decided to do something, you then need to actually do something. Change doesn’t happen just because you want it to. Change doesn’t happen because you hope it will. Change doesn’t happen because you’ve thought about it and you think you deserve change.

You may say “not my elected official” but when you have the statistics that KCMO has, such as the School system, the job market, the crime and satisfaction of the people and their safety then you have to ask yourself why “your” problem is not being addressed and how did it get this way?   Be informed, ask questions… VOTE, do let anyone make that decision for you or influence you.