Kansas City, Mo. reverses Columus Day and renames it Indigenous Peoples’ Day


Dispelling the myth and reclaiming the facts!
  The AIEBC partnered with Chief Billie Friend of the Wyandotte Nation to share that “from the roots of our past, grow the promises of tomorrow”

At 3pm on 5 October on the 26th floor of City Hall in Kansas City, Mo., at the request of City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem, Scott Wagner, Mayor “Sly” James presented Resolution 170786 to Chief Billie Friend of the Wyandotte Nation, Eric Rowcroft Board President of the AIEBC and John JH OBrien, Executive Director of the American Indian Enterprise & Business Council with the proclamation renaming Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Thank you to those that showed up to support us in this effort!

Thank you To Chief Friend for making the trip to Kansas City from Oklahoma to accept the proclamation and for his generous offer to donate office space in Kansas City, Kansas for the AIEBC to effectively function in the State of Kansas, we have actually held several board meetings in the past at that particular office building and look forward to moving in! To Eric Rowcroft, Michael Spicer and to Micky Barnett, I cannot thank you enough for your support.