Hijacking a Race for profit and pity

Rachel Dolezal appeared on The Real Monday, and the hosts grilled the former NAACP chapter president on her admission earlier this year that she identifies as black, despite being born to Caucasian parents.

John JH O’Brien Stated “Although I firmly believe that one’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for a leadership role in assisting or becoming a part of any racially focussed organization, its when the lines become blurred and you pretend to be a member of that race and feel you are entitled to the very protections and considerations afforded that race that things go south very quickly” a great example: there are several companies in and around Kansas City, Mo. where the owner states that he is American Indian, his family lineage dates back to and is registered on the Dawes Rolls or so it seems, lucky for him too because this came to him after many years and several businesses that he owned, managed and then filed bankruptcy on but that was before he started claiming he was American Indian, and he submitted his disparity statement for the SBA, upon doing this, he began competing in a much smaller pool for contracts and his business began flourishing, before he knew it, he had garnered close to 11 MILLION dollars in contracts (if not more). Unfortunately his supposed decendents that were registered on the Dawes Rolls (according to the Federal Government) never had any children. When asked to share the lineage chart he stated he had possession of, he could not locate it, asked for the persons name who traced his lineage, that escaped him as well and the fact that his ancestors never had any children that would have eventually led to his birth, did not sway his belief that he is NOT American Indian.

Another example is of a business owner claiming he was the first cousin of a tribal leader from a State recognized tribe, he described how he attended sweats, pow wows, smudging ceremonies, dances etc. yet this Tribe did not know him and stated that he was NOT related to the Chief and yet, yes, he too is an MBE certified as a minority, taking contracts that would have otherwise possibly gone to a qualified American Indian owned business.

A number of people had commented on the Rachel Dolezal issue and I completely agree with them:

CT said: I’m a soda can. I always wanted to be a soda can. It’s not an issue, because I dive into dumpsters everyday, and it’s not my fault that I was born human. If I had it my way, I would have been molten aluminum, formed into a sheet, and extruded into a soda can. I identify as a soda can, therefore, I can do whatever I want, because soda cans can do no wrong. I metaphysically identify as aluminum, and consider myself to be in can form. I use silver cosmetic base, and feel great as an aluminum can, and everyone loves me. I’m trans-metaphysically challenged, and want surgery to attach aluminum to my nasty skin. #$%$ IS NEXT (besides the apocalyptic meltdown of this planet)? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! She’s white, and lied on documents, amongst other things.

And Angela was quoted as saying:

I feel like this is missing the point. I am a white brunette woman. I have colored my hair red since I was about 14. Maybe I identify with a culture of red-headed people? She can tan her booty off, give herself dreadlocks and adjust the way she speaks, but that doesn’t make her anymore black than it makes me a red head, but if that’s what makes her happy, that’s fine. Because that is not the problem. The problem is that she was not raised in that culture, which is what she used to identify herself and mislead people (those especially involved with specific racial rights communities). She chose a culture that, to many people, in varying degrees, is considered oppressed. She used that as a podium, misled police by victimizing HERSELF with hate crimes to gain attention to herself based on a race THAT SHE IS NOT. To have a white woman purposely report a racially-fueled hate crime committed upon her to authorities that SHE HERSELF CONCOCTED when she is only masquerading as a person of that race is despicable and a slap in the face to anyone who has ever been a true victim of a hate crime.

As a footnote that ties directly into what this is all about, our case was settled and all I am allowed to say is I am extremely excited and happy about its outcome.

Now I would love to see the City of Kansas City, Mo. Pull the certification of these two companies and the people who own them and let them compete with the companies they are qualified to compete with.