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As we begin to institute our partnership agreement with the business community I would like to point out that our partnership initiative is a bold and innovative strategy to utilize human capital that will transform how American Indians and corporate America will attract and retain talent.

The AIEBC is collaborating with business leaders to develop solutions to meet America’s industry demands, tackle the issue of workforce preparedness, and reinvigorate America’s human talent to remain competitive in not just the Kansas City economy but the National economy as well.

Mutually advantageous, this Partnership Initiative gives employers and the AIEBC a highly capable Employee who is trained, knowledgeable and experienced in the various facets of Business. Together, the two entities share and enhance the skills of one individual who contributes to both a robust national economy and to the American Indian community.

I believe this Partnership Initiative will create a new human resources model that will revolutionize how the American Indian and veteran community and employers do business in the future.

The American Indian Enterprise & Business Council is a reservoir of trained and experienced professionals in transportation, logistics, supply chain management, health care, telecommunications information technology, construction trades, engineering, civil affairs, finance, legal services and human resources and, to that end, we will be adding a search engine and data base that allows for placing resumes, job postings, Internship availability, MBE, DBE, WBE Business resumes for contracting and college graduate first time entry level job resumes.